The privilege of having worked with so many great people in developing a showcase for their business, is something that we truly appreciate and we proudly display this work any chance we get so please visit the websites below and then contact us to see how you can have your business featured here.

Tartan Window Cleaning

Web Design / Bootstrap Framework / Web Copy

Helping this new start up get off the ground running with a custom hand-coded site that had to be responsive and search friendly. Starting from scratch, we created a visually appealing site then populated it with professionally written content to ensure it's presence at the top of the local search results.

Verti Creative

Custom HTML & CSS / Bootstrap Platform

Creating a showcase for Verti Creative to display their fine work, we took Verti's design and transformed it into a visual masterpiece through a complete custom design based on the responsive Bootstrap framework.

Vancouver Island Tiny Homes

Web Design / Bootstrap Framework / Logo Design

Minimalist design for a company specializing in minimalist living. This responsive design was built on the Bootstrap framework with custom HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for functionality.


Website Re-design / Logo Design / Wordpress Platform

The Comox District Mountaineering Club required a low-cost, mobile-friendly, and robust website that could store all of their existing route information and club details, while also being easy to update themselves.

CV Classic Cruisers

Web Design / WordPress Platform

A completely new look website that is heavy on imagery to display members rides. WordPress makes updating the site for the club a breeze and managing members is easier than ever.

Slabrador Charters

Website Re-design / Wordpress Platform

Taking the original WordPress site and transforming it into a visually appealing website that not only looks great, but converts better than ever thanks to the various calls to action.


Web Design / Bootstrap Framework / Site Administration

An impressive visual representation of this yet to be built condo development. We achieved this by creating an image heavy site with embedded video, yet maintaining a low page weight that means a quick loading site even on your smartphone.

Robbins & Company

Web Design / Bootstrap Framework / Email Management

This project was a complete re-design of the existing websites for two separate locations and the creation of a new landing page to link both sites, all in a responsive framework that is lightweight and fast.

CERO Home Inspections

Logo Re-design / Web Design / Bootstrap Framework

Taking a simple do-it-yourself website and transforming it into a functional, mobile-friendly website that clearly communicates the quality of work performed by CERO Home Inspections, our finished product came in under budget, and over expectation.

Nanaimo Foundry

Website Re-design / Bootstrap Framework

With a sleek modern design, courtesy of Verti Creative, and a responsive layout built on the Bootstrap platform, this re-branding for NFE was not only visually stunning, but also reduced the page weight by nearly 50%, compared to the previous design.


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"To give real service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."
- Douglas Adams

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